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Personal View on: Top Five Energy Savings Myths Debunked

I read an article today that I want to agree with 95%. I want to chime in with some personal perspectives and see what others have to say. A Press Release was published by Reliant Energy entitled: Top Five Energy Savings Myths … Continue reading

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3 Ways to Get More Business at Networking Events

I’m just returning this evening from a networking event. Tonight was the monthly meeting of the Vancouver WA chapter of Green Drinks, and it was actually my first time to attend. I go to networking events like this about every … Continue reading

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Why would Realtors want to know about energy efficiency? Part 2

Getting a home Pre-Qualified for an Energy Efficient Mortgage is THE SMARTEST method to attract attention in 2010 and is an easy ticket to increasing sales. Lets carry on the conversation on why this is important. In part 1 of … Continue reading

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The Next Green Thing – Energy Efficiency

A few years ago, I read a fascinating story about a cattle rancher. This guy needed someway to let the cattle know when it was time to come in. This wasn’t always at the same of the day so he needed … Continue reading

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China is world’s top energy consumer.

A report by the International Energy Agency Tuesday designated China as the world’s biggest energy consumer last year, overtaking the United States. Beijing has rejected the report, calling the IEA’s data “unreliable”. My brother lives in Evanston WY and owns … Continue reading

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Confused by CFL Bulbs? It is going to get easier.

I’ll admit it, I’m right in the middle of trying to do the best for the energy industry by saving as much as I can, but the whole CFL light bulb thing still has me very confused. I’ve found that … Continue reading

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Are People Interested In Saving Energy?

I seem to be asking myself this question more and more every day. In some ways, it appears that the emphasis is growing but I also see trends going the other direction as well. In trying to train the public … Continue reading

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Common Construction Energy Errors

As part of own education, as well as keeping our construction partners up to speed, we will often go out and look at homes during various phases of construction. What we find sometimes amazes us. It is often shoddy workmanship … Continue reading

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Energy Made Easy: Energy Efficient Mortgage

An Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM) takes into account the energy costs of the home. As the single largest housing expense after a mortgage payment, utility costs have a direct impact on how large a mortgage your buyer can afford. An … Continue reading

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Can Bloom Box Solve Our Energy Issues?

About 15 years ago, my father-in-law was convinced that a company in the Silicon Valley had solved the energy issues facing us. This company had come up with a new device that generated more energy than it consumed. He was … Continue reading

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