Can Bloom Box Solve Our Energy Issues?

About 15 years ago, my father-in-law was convinced that a company in the Silicon Valley had solved the energy issues facing us. This company had come up with a new device that generated more energy than it consumed. He was convinced and he started convincing others, including me. I was very excited and offered to put in money to the effort to buy pre-issue stock. Well, the thing was a hoax and the officers of the company were charged in the scam.

Fast forward to today and there is a new company out there called Bloom Energy. You have got to watch this video as the claims are incredible and the endorsements and product testings is truly game changing.

It’s nice to finally see an actual product and not just theoretical ideas with artist impressions of what a product might look like. These guys are out there right now, saving people money and saving the environment. Hats off.


About Garen Thatcher

All about me? I want to make this all about you and what I can do to make your life better, smarter, and richer. Research into energy and money saving home activities is my hobby and passion. I'm also investing in it for the future. This is my journey in helping us all.
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