Common Construction Energy Errors

As part of own education, as well as keeping our construction partners up to speed, we will often go out and look at homes during various phases of construction. What we find sometimes amazes us. It is often shoddy workmanship that can rob a home of vital energy savings. In the following pictures, you can easily see some areas where while improvements have been made, there is still much work left to do from the various trades.

Poorly Sealed Seams with MasticIt is easy to see gaps in the sealant. This will allow for air loss and infiltration. In many applications, it appears the norm to put on a small film of Mastic using an inexpensive brush.

All seams in flexible joints should be covered with Mastic to the proper depth. The manufacture seal does not prevent air from escaping or entering the system.

Compressed InsulationCompressed insulation is also a common error that occurs. The insulation should fill the entire space between drywall and other surfaces. No gaps should exist.
Compressed Pipe Insulation

There will be zero protection of this water pipe from cold temps as the insulation has been compressed to a worthless level.

I would be very interested in hearing about things you might have seen in construction that was in error. With visibility and training to the subs, many of these errors can be easily fixed.

About Garen Thatcher

All about me? I want to make this all about you and what I can do to make your life better, smarter, and richer. Research into energy and money saving home activities is my hobby and passion. I'm also investing in it for the future. This is my journey in helping us all.
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