NGBS Scoring Tool Overview (Part B)

This update will cover Chapter 6 of the NGBS standard. The chapter is focused on Resource Efficiency.

Resource efficiency is also about reducing jobsite waste. Creating an effective construction waste management plan and taking advantage of available recycling facilities and markets for recyclable materials, waste can be reduced by at least two-thirds, creating potential cost savings for builders and reducing the burden on landfill space. Continue reading

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NGBS Scoring Tool Overview (Part A)

As discussed, this will go through the NGBS Scoring tool. You’ll be able to get a better understanding over the next several posts as to how the NGBS tools works, some of the technical aspects of entering data, and how best to prepare.

Today, we head through Chapter 5 of the tool. Later, I’ll describe what is in Chapters 1-4, but those are overview chapters with the actual scoring information is in chapters 5-10. This chapter is focused on: Lot Design, Preparation, and Development. The chapter deals with the dirt, the location, and use of the land. You enter information that deals with sustainability and energy topics that should be considered while the property is still in its natural state.

For instance, site design principles such as saving trees, constructing onsite storm water retention/infiltration features, and orienting houses to maximize passive solar heating and cooling are basic processes used in the design and construction of green homes.

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Understanding the National Green Building Standard

Here at Swiftsure Energy Services, we are proud to announce that in addition to ENERGY STAR and RESNet certifications, we are now able to qualify projects using the NGBS Standard published by NAHB. Don’t worry, I’ll explain those terms next.

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) has long been committed to setting building standards across the country. In 2008, they developed a standard that incorporates both energy efficiency as well as sustainable practices into one easy to understand process. This process is called the National Green Building Standard (NGBS).

Many builders and remodelers are going green with the help of NAHBGreen. The suite of services was unveiled in February 2008 to provide a comprehensive set of educational resources, advocacy tools, a credible green standard, and referrals to a national green home certification system by the NAHB Research Center, a qualified and independent third party. Collectively, these offerings help home builders anywhere build green.

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Heat Pumps for Water Heating?

Over the last several years we have found that heat pump systems are extremely efficient.  They take the ambient heat or cold around them and eventually transfer it to what ever we are trying to change the temperature.  Geothermal heat pumps would be almost the perfect system if we could get the bugs worked out.  They would be great for either air source temperature control or water heating as well! Continue reading

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Energy Code Changes– Are You Ready?

Energy  Code Changes– The Inspectors are ready!  Are You?

The new energy code changes are fairly extensive and are sure to catch the unknowing off guard.  We attended several different types of seminars & trainings about the code changes that came in effect on January 1st & I observed how few contractors and superintendents I had seen!  Building officials made the same observation.  Where were the contractors & how are they finding out about the codes?  The building officials have commented that this is not uncommon and it always becomes a problem with the first wave of permit applications and inspections.  Continue reading

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Why build Green?

There are many reasons to build green and entire books are dedicated to it. This blog will focus on just one example – reducing construction waste.  One example jumps out from a nationwide builder, Belcher Homes.  They have implemented the NGBS.  After meeting the minimum requirements – they took it further and found they could reduce construction waste by almost 70%!  Continue reading

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Green Building & Energy Conservation in the New Year

2011 looks upbeat for both energy conservation upgrades and green building.  Just prior to Christmas break – Congress passed a pretty substantial bill which reinstated tax credits for various energy improvements for homeowners and  builders! Continue reading

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