New Look Rating

New Look Energy Rating

To help our builders and remodelers marketing efforts, the signage and marketing tool for ratings has been redesigned.  This version is much simpler to understand and should require less explanation.  A yard sign is provided for spec & model homes.  PDF or other versions will be available for print or web marketing efforts.  Feedback is welcome!

About Kent Mitchell

30 years in various construction positions. Currently specializing in residential energy efficiency and green building methods. Also I am a new online business student at BYU-I
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3 Responses to New Look Rating

  1. Very nice redo, am I right in guessing that the small writing at the bottom is for “similiar existing home” is for a house built to 2004/6 specs with a HERS rating of a 100?

  2. Yes, standard disclosure things go in that bottom box. I’ll get the actual text and post here later today.

  3. Correction; The similar existing home is actually a HERS 130. The 12.96 REM/rate calculates that figure – considers the 130 an “average” existing same style house. The reports also generate an estimate against a HERS 100 but obviously the 130 makes a better comparison.

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