EPG for Homes

Sample EPG for Homes

What Builder wouldn’t like to distinguish themselves from the competition  including the fore closure home down the street?  We have an accepted method to put a rating on a home… similar to the MPG for cars, this is the EPG for homes or Energy Performance Guide.

How would your prospects respond to knowing that the house you built will save them $100 per month on utility expenses?  Is that a tool your sales people could use to their advantage?  Compare utility expenses of your well-built ENERGY STAR home to the typical 1995 built home – ENERGY STAR – $97 per month vs. 1995 home – $207 per month.  Or build to a better standard still and get a $2000 tax credit for you the builder plus save the customer $140 per month on utility bills!

Recent studies have found that consumers are willing to spend 2-4% more for a more efficient home.  Although worried about the economy, consumers are willing to buy energy-efficient products and services—if they see immediate savings, according to a recent national survey by The Shelton Group, one of four annual surveys that they conduct According to an NAHB survey, when asked what they would be willing to pay if their energy costs could be reduced roughly $1,000 a year, 51 percent checked $5,000 to $10,999. 

The EPG is calculated by a software program called REM Rate and is overseen by RESNET which is the Residential Energy Services Network.  It is one of two programs that have become widely accepted.  The actual program is the HERS or Home Energy Rating System. 

One very noteable factor:  Here in the Northwest we have some of the lowest energy prices in the country.  It would make sense to point this out to potential cutomers and let them know that we will soon be likely to see a dramatic increase in our utility rates!  The more the rates increase, the more sense it makes to purchase a highly efficient home.

Contact us at Kent@swiftsureenergy.com and get moving more homes.

About Kent Mitchell

30 years in various construction positions. Currently specializing in residential energy efficiency and green building methods. Also I am a new online business student at BYU-I
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