NGBS Scoring Tool Overview (Part B)

This update will cover Chapter 6 of the NGBS standard. The chapter is focused on Resource Efficiency.

Resource efficiency is also about reducing jobsite waste. Creating an effective construction waste management plan and taking advantage of available recycling facilities and markets for recyclable materials, waste can be reduced by at least two-thirds, creating potential cost savings for builders and reducing the burden on landfill space.

This section caused me to consider all the ways in which efficiency could be designed into the property before the building plans were even sketched out. There are aspects to waste, dimensions, materials, and techniques that will need to be discussed between the general contractor and the subs. These conversations should probably occur prior to design begins. In that way, estimates or feasibility can be ruled in-scope or out-of-scope as early in the project as possible.

Chapter 6 NGBS Point Structure

This graphic shows the point structure for Resource Efficiency. I’m shooting for NGBS Gold, so will need at least 113 points as I go through the section. Plus, always remember that I need 100 extra points spread across all the chapters.

Chapter 6 covers the items to the left in great detail. The best way to do this is to enter what you plan to do, and then make an appointment with your key subs to make sure they can deliver to the expectation.

One item that came is about eliminating waste in the construction. If you build at 16″, 24″, or 48″ divisible lengths, you greatly eliminate waste by using your available lumber to its best use.

There are three strategies to reduce a project’s waste and this is the order in which you want to address them:
1. Reduce. Look for ways waste can be prevented in the first place by identifying potential wastes early in the design process.
2. Reuse. After figuring out how to prevent waste, you want to identify waste that can be salvaged for reuse on your current project, on another project or donated.
3. Recycle. Lastly, figure out which waste materials can be recycled.

More and more agencies and companies are dedicated to the practice of recycling building material. There should be firms in your local area who will help you determine what materials qualify and the associated costs. At Swiftsure Energy Services, one of our roles is to help our local builders find the material at an optimum price. Contact us for more information.

There are points available if you are able to verify use of a material originating within 500 miles for a major element of the building. Examples of major materials include concrete, drywall, flooring, insulation, roofing, and/or siding.

In the area of consumer recycling, there are 6 points possible if you create a location or bin in the kitchen dedicated to collecting recycled materials. It has be labeled as such. Also, if you design in or provide a composting bin, points are available.

At the end of all sub-sections in Chapter 6, I ended up with 131 points with 113 required. Remember that I must have a total of 100 extra points across all 6 chapters at the end. However, this gives me some wiggle room if there are aspects of this area that are impractical during construction.

Chapter 7 in a couple of days.

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