Green Building & Energy Conservation in the New Year

2011 looks upbeat for both energy conservation upgrades and green building.  Just prior to Christmas break – Congress passed a pretty substantial bill which reinstated tax credits for various energy improvements for homeowners and  builders!

Rising fuel prices, and an already tough winter, will be a motivator for homeowners to take action on making their homes more efficient.  Utilities are poised to jump again in 2011. 

We have noticed that builder media has recently been loaded with information regarding green building.  It used to be that they would only have one or two articles that mention anything about green and now almost every article has something that ties it into green building!  Even in the tight economy many jurisdictions and organizations are stepping up efforts to make homes more efficient and resourceful.  They are beginning to recognize that the investment now will pay off later!

A local Clark County official here has a great analogy – it compares the last decade of home building to the auto industry of the 70’s… remember the big gas guzzlers and the long lines at the gas pump?  Shortly after the auto industry produced much smaller and economical cars.  Asia was first to benefit but the American markets slowly adjusted.  Now, after this last decade of excess, the building insdustry must adjust smaller and leaner housing.  Those who recognize this and are adjusting accordingly will be the winners in this next decade!

Look at the lessons of the past and you too will see it is time to make some big jumps to greener and more efficient housing!

About Kent Mitchell

30 years in various construction positions. Currently specializing in residential energy efficiency and green building methods. Also I am a new online business student at BYU-I
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