Free & low cost energy audits…

The question often comes up… why pay $150- $600 for an audit when we can call our utility company for a free audit?  In a nutshell-and to a large degree- you get what you pay for!  Swiftsure Energy Services will do the entire range of audits! 

For the free audit we will come in and discuss your utility bills, comfort of the home and do a visual inspection of common problems with in a home.  We want to provide a valuable service, however, we are in business to make a profit.  The reason we do free audits, is with the confidence that you will recognize the added value in our services, and be willing to take the next steps to improve your home.  The utility companies have a little different goal.  They are required to spend a certain amount of money toward energy conservation and, they usually refer more advanced audits  & improvements to a private company like Swiftsure Energy Services. 

Low cost audits usually (but not always) involve some test equipment and a very simple “energy calculator”.  The higher priced “comprehensive” audits will involve several specialized pieces of test equipment, a certified technician and an accredited software program.   

The differences are in the end results.  Free audits may list likely problems & some suggested priorities of upgrades, usually based on the experience of the auditor.  Comprehensive audits will list & define problems, then suggest priority improvements based on costs, ROI & SIR, efficiency, safety factors and many more.  Many different reports can be generated from a comprehensive audit depending on the desired results and programs.  The comprehensive audit should be done by a highly trained & certified technician.   For more information – see our website at

About Kent Mitchell

30 years in various construction positions. Currently specializing in residential energy efficiency and green building methods. Also I am a new online business student at BYU-I
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