New Construction Home Energy Auditing

Swiftsure Energy Services has been VERY busy over the past month or so. I’m catching my breath and want to let you all know about some wonderful work being done in our local area. Recently, our friends at UrbanNW Homes had us over to do a RESNET and Energy Star Audit on a recently completed townhouse.

Townhouse with 90 RESNET Score

We were able to perform a rating on this home in about 90 minutes. This home was built to existing state and county codes. It passed all inspections.

This home scored 90 on the RESNET Scale.

What does a score of 90 really mean? We know it is better than most any house that was built prior to a few years ago. It is better than the “standard” house that the scale was built to. The RESNET standard house, by definition is the house that scores 100 on the scale. The goal is to be better than 100 for new construction, which this house met.

The builder was very excited to know this house would sell as “better than standard”, but the next set of questions related to how could we get a lower score, and more importantly, how much would it cost?

I’d love to get your comments on this. How would you go about answering these questions? What would be the first improvements  you’d suggest to reduce the score, but at the lowest cost. Over the next few weeks, I’ll share what we did. I think you’ll like what we have to say.

About Garen Thatcher

All about me? I want to make this all about you and what I can do to make your life better, smarter, and richer. Research into energy and money saving home activities is my hobby and passion. I'm also investing in it for the future. This is my journey in helping us all.
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